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10 Ways to Achieve a Rock Solid WordPress Security

Deciding to go on the information highway to set-up your own blog or e-commerce website can be the most exciting decision you will ever make. Wider audience, streamlined process, unlimited opportunities, these are some of the benefits that you will certainly reap on the internet. And while you are in the process of discovering the possible CMS that can run your future website, it is impossible not to hear a thing or two about the most popular platform in the CMS town, the WordPress.

A lot of novice bloggers and businesses choose WordPress for a variety of reasons. Aside from being free to use, many will say that it has the most intuitive user interface that lets every user manage their website easily and quickly. Others will say that they find its wide array of plugins a deal breaker which helps them tinker their website. And some others will claim that they love WordPress because it makes SEO “easy” and it comes with elegant and stylish themes. Whatever the reason is, it is very certain that WordPress is the undisputable “King of CMS” in the market today.

But just like anything, WordPress has its own set of drawbacks too. Its very popularity has also made it a favorite target for hackers who want to steal valuable information or any other things which have a monetary value. Gone were the days when these people only target big companies or popular blogs, because today, even a small e-commerce website can be easily hacked so long as they don’t implement proper security measures in their WordPress website.

Luckily, it doesn’t cost an arm and leg to solidify the security of a WordPress-driven website. Check this infographic from WP Shrug as they have gathered 10 easy steps to defend your site from hackers.

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